As a child I sat in my backyard and gazed at the grass until unknown micro-worlds revealed themselves to me.  I witnessed tiny ants carrying tiny twigs. Once, I discovered a single clear colored egg attached to the underside of a blade of grass.  I was held fast in silence and wonder. What I didn't realize then, was that I was meditating with my eyes open. 

Now, after years of formal meditation practice and 16 years of yoga ashram residence, I have learned to meditate with a camera with open eyes.

I recognize that a unifying sense of Self has led me to inquire into the nature, purpose and meaning of life and to use photography as the medium for that exploration.  I am honored to say that I am Self taught.

When I first see a flower to photograph, something beyond the flower, yet embodied within it, speaks to me and I fall into that familiar place of silence and wonder.

As a photographer, it is my intention to bring the unseen essence of each flower into focus so that the eye of the beholder becomes the window of the soul and we experience that unseen essence within us.